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Yoga is for Everyone

Yoga is for everyone. It does not matter if you cannot touch your toes, over age 60, an athlete, an office executive or a working home mother.

Yoga is about making time to connect your body and mind; tuning in to listen to yourself. To achieve this we simply show up to our mats and, without judgement of our own abilities or others, we breathe and we practice.

I offer Vinyasa Hatha based Yoga classes for all level of participants across St. Gallen, Switzerland both private and group class.

Vinyasa Hatha is a set of yoga poses connecting with a flow style.

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Hey there, I am Rachel

Life is about enjoying every moment. My personal mantra is: be humble, be truthful, always kept my learning and growing.

I started practiced yoga when I was at school in Australia at the young age. Then I moved to Hong Kong and had a great career as a fashion buyer. Whilst I loved my jobs and had the incredible experiences in the fashion industry, I felt there was something missing for me. In 2009, I decided to take the Yoga Teacher Training to embark a teaching journey. In 2012, I have established Rach-Yoga in Hong Kong. In these 10 years, I have continued to reinvent myself in Yoga with numerous teaching qualifications as follows:

  • 2009 - Yoga Teacher Training in Honor of Patrick Creelman
  • 2014 - Continue Training and Practice of Fit Flow in Hounor of Bryce Yoga
  • 2017 - Continue Training and Practice of Dharma Yoga in Hounor of Rose Erin
  • 2018 - Yoga Teacher Training of Universal Yoga in Hounor of Andrey Lappa
  • 2018 - Mindful Birth Yoga Teacher Training ( Pre-Natal and Post-Natal Yoga ) in Hounor of Michelle Papa and Jean Byrne

I absolutely love teaching because every individuals I taught had taught me back how to be a better teacher on the mat and a better person for life.

Although I teach a full spectrum of yoga from Power Yoga to Yoga Therapy, I specialized in Vinaya Hatha which connect all poses into a flow sequence.

Come and practice with me, I would love to meet you and share my passion with you.

Group Yoga Classes

Whilst I teach private yoga class, I also teach group yoga class. The difference between a private and a group yoga class is the level of energy. When you are in a group environment, the energy level is usually higher. Therefore, it motivates you to try your best for each pose. Also, whether before or after your hectic work or home environment, a group yoga class allows you to detach and tune out from your daily stressful environment and ultimately bring calmness and relaxation within you.

Each of my group yoga class will be structured based on the request and the level of experiences of the yoga participants in Vinyasa Hatha base practice. There is always something for everyone. My sole purpose with the group class is to create a fun and relaxing environment that allows you to enjoy the moment whilst enhance your breathing techniques and relaxation.

Happy to discuss options for you to start doing yoga.

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Private Tuition

Are you intimidated by yoga classes? Do you often find beginners classes are not quite for beginners? Maybe long working hours, busy life style, medical condition or not having access to the individual instructions. Those reasons stop people from enjoying the benefits of yoga practice.

No matter what you are looking for from yoga, to improve yoga posture, for stress management or for fitness work out, I can match your exact needs and goal by consulting you personally and customizing your yoga program. I offer one-to-one sessions, small groups or even couples, tailored the private yoga class held at your own comfort home in St. Gallen or any convenient location for you.

Beginners Yoga

Yoga for Fitness

Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga


Studio Prices & Packages

Trial ClassCHF 15.- for 1 classbook
Offers For New Students OnlyCHF 55.- unlimited classbook

Valid for 4 weeks from date of purchase*

60min classCHF 28.-book

For 1 class*

Valid for 2 weeks from date of purchase*

Online 1-Month Unlimited PassCHF 80.-book
Studio & Online 1-Month unlimited PassCHF 100.-book
5-Class Pass // 60min classCHF 100.-book
10-Class Pass // 60min class CHF 190.-book

1-Month Unlimited Pass for Online or Studio & Online valid for 1 Month from date purchase*

5-Class Pass valid for 2 Months from date purchase*

10-Class Pass valid for 4 Months from date purchase*

1st Trail Class // 60min classCHF 50.-book
1-Class // 60min classCHF 100.-book
5-Class // 60min classCHF 450.-book

Pass CANNOT share between Friends, Family members and couples Passes may be extended subject to the discussion. No extensions can be granted on expired passes.

RACH YOGA passes are intended solely for the personal use by the individual purchasing them. They are non transferable and non refundable. Passes that have been purchased, but remain partially or wholly unused are invalidated after their expiration date. There is no refund granted for expired passes.

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Telephone:+41 76 529 78 36